Zombies Took My Daughter


You have 40 hours to rescue your daughter from zombies


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Zombies have taken over the city. In the midst of the chaos, you decide to venture out to find your daughter, who was trapped in the middle of things during the zombie invasion.

The story and action behind Zombies Took My Daughter, in true Resident Evil style, is sure to hook you.

You have a limited amount of time to escape the city with your daughter - the time that the ferry that brought you in will wait before leaving again.

To stay alive, you'll need to defend yourself with the weapons that you'll pick up along the way: baseball bats, crowbars, pistols, rifles, molotov cocktails, etc.

Do you have what it takes to save your daughter and make it back to the ferry in time? Accept the challenge and start playing Zombies Took My Daughter now.